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Qingping Zhang

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Qingping Zhang is a Senior Carpenter & Team Leader at Harmony World Building Ltd. QingPing Zhang comes from Shandong Province, China. After graduating from junior high school, he learned and engaged in the traditional carpentry industry. His background of running his own manufacturer of furniture laid the foundation for his carpentry career today. He also worked in the construction trade of windows and doors for more than ten years. Later, he was selected for the recruitment of Singapore’s construction company because of his excellent carpentry skills. In six years of working in Singapore, he gained ample experience working and building on a high-storey building – the highest building he has participated in is 98 storey. In 2018, he moved to New Zealand and joined Harmony world Building.


“I am very happy to know and work with Harmony world Building. It is my pleasure to gain this chance to contribute my strength to the development of our company. Hope our harmonious family will become more and more prosperous.”

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