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The history of Harmony World Building Ltd (HW) has been marked by growth and accomplishments in the construction industry. We are a New Zealand-based construction company that's grown from its humble origins as just a carpentry team. Since our inception, the company has accumulated a vast range of skills and undertaken numerous challenging medium to large scale projects for New Zealand construction companies. With remarkable attention towards achieving an exceptional quality end-product, we have succeeded in every instance of success! With years of accumulated experience and hard work, Harmony World Building has become a multi-skilled company with numerous qualifications

that operates internationally. 

We have access to over 5,000 talent resources within the industry and further cooperation partners from China, India, and the Philippines. People say, "with great power comes with great responsibility". Our responsibility is much more than just delivering exceptional quality end-products or completing all the projects we are given. As one of the most well-known construction companies in New Zealand, we have much bigger responsibilities. We believe it is our responsibility to use all the experience and skills we have accumulated to help contribute to New Zealand's construction industry and get one step closer to our ideal future.

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Our vision is for New Zealand to become the most beautiful and developed country in the world where people can live in harmony. 


Our mission is to make a significant contribution to New Zealand's construction industry and have every family in New Zealand have a house they can call home. 


Living in harmony is the core of HW beliefs. Our strength not only lies in our excellent human resource coordination but also in integrating ourselves "as one entity" when we are working with our stakeholders. All our work is to make sure that everyone involved with HW, both employees and clients are winners. It's the people at HW who make our company special. We're not just a construction firm, we are also family! When you work with us on your next project or challenge - whether big or small - it'll be like working side by side in harmony as one entity to help achieve success for all parties involved: client(s), employees and contractors alike will find how great life is when everyone wins together.


In 2019, we initiated the establishment of the New Zealand Builders Association and New Zealand Building Industry Association. As of date, more than hundreds of local construction companies and professional technical personnel have joined the association as members. We can deliver the highest quality on challenging complex projects in New Zealand and welcome any opportunities that you may have.


Harmony World Building (HW) origins began with a carpentry business. At that time, Jack Jia (our current director) was a carpentry team leader. Whether it was fate or a lucky coincidence, a developer witnessed the skills and quality of the work of Jack Jia and his team and decided to approach Jack Jia and contracted the project to Jack Jia and his team. 

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After completing the project, it was expected that everything would go back to normal, but that was not the case. Soon after, another developer approached Jack Jia with another project and then another, and more kept coming. There were lots of construction companies out there with big names, yet all the developers chose HW. Jack and his team didn’t want to betray the trust the developer had in them and wanted to prove to everyone that their decision to give HW to complete the projects was the correct choice.  


As the number of projects completed accumulated and HW grew rapidly, Jack Jia realised that every project HW works in has a major impact on New Zealand. He realised that every house that HW built wasn’t just a house. It is a family’s home. But most importantly, he realised that HW is no longer just building houses and other structures, HW is building New Zealand’s future.  

Jack knows that HW can't build New Zealand's future by themselves. That's why HW makes sure that everyone is involved, both employees and clients are winners. It's when we learn how to work together versus against each other when we can achieve incredible things. From there, HW set out with the mission to build affordable houses for everyone in New Zealand and help contribute to New Zealand’s construction industry. 

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